Eva Padberg Collection
exclusive for home24.de
The famous model Eva Padberg created a collection of furniture and accessories together with Ce'Nou & home24, launched in the beginning of 2016 on a dedicated Landing Page inside the home24 shop.
The Process
The idea was good but there was a problem: we had to present a 'homepage' and two different collections in separate pages. How can we integrate this in home24 shop without losing the feeling of connection between them? After several sketches we decided to implement a simple navigation menu with those 3 options, mirroring the content structure so that besides all the content change the user doesn't disconnect from Eva Padberg Collection context. 
Final Result
Eva Padberg collection presentation with magazine feeling and some behind the scenes pictures
Color Boho Collection & Soft Natural Collection: 
Dedicated pages with the same kind of structure and elements
2 - Collection 1

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